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Universal-Open Floor- Small Home Designs
with Variable Roof and Exteriors. 

With 5 floorplans,  9 unique exterior designs and dozens of unique structural variants, we can make each home one-of-a-kind ! 

 Above: (Farm House Option 4B). 1200 sq.ft. 1st level, 650+sq.ft upper level. with upper Jack and Jill bathroom, closets, hidden storage, vaulted ceiling and more!

Flexible Floor-plans to meet your needs

ABOVE: Proposed 1200 SQ FT Standard Floor Plan Detail (aka-Option 1 floor plan).  This design is the basis for all our four available floor plans.  (See links/variations below).  As shown, Option 1 is a one story unit  featuring a stand-up loft above the bathroom/closet areas, adding up to 240 SF, (On most units).  Also features 200+ SQ.FT storage areas above either bedrooms, accessible from loft area.
Architectural renderings, cut-a-ways, motion videos coming daily!  Courtesy of Chief Architect. 

Pre-Designed & Engineered 

Ready to modify or build as-is !

This Universal Design is a perfect example of utilizing a typical (small) lot design that can be altered to a flexible number of sizes, heights and configurations.  As shown, this smaller footprint of 1,200 sf illustrates a front porch and entry, open ceiling living/dining area, open kitchen layout and numerous storage options beneath stairs and roof areas.   Dimensions of entire floor plan can be increased (widened and lengthened) allowing for 1,800 SF + as needed, with minimal re-engineering. 

Similiar Floor Plan....Different Design Exteriors-Interiors

We take the same/similar floor plan and integrate unique and classic design elements from various styles to give each house unique exterior (and interior) looks.  
Choose from: Bungalow Style elements, Farmhouse designs, Craftsman Designs, Beach and Victorian style design elements.  With the application of various exterior/interior siding materials, trim materials, window and door selection and a nearly unlimited paint options (All from sponsors) each house will truly be, one-of-a-kind.  See additional pages for details on each specific design. Click buttons below or highlighted links above.

WHY Blue Collar Builders TV

Discount prices are negotiated with all participants to afford the lowest prices for all qualified homeowners in the Paradise area.  
  • Designs & Plans Ready To Go*  Flat rate: $1,500
  • Engineering, Site Plans, Title 24. $1,500 * 
  • Expedited permits and Project Management
  • Designated "Interior Designer" for each home. 
  • Turn key project. We leverage corporate sponsors, donations, in-kind contributions for big savings. 
  • High definition documentation of the entire process, and broadcast to the world! 
  • Highly experienced, licensed and visionary crews...uniquely versed in high quality, accelerated design/build projects with decades of experience ! 
  • (* Some details may affect price including final trim/finish, materials, alterations etc.).
Our Creative Team at Chief Architect (Our very own Blue Collar Girls).  Chief Architect is an award winning developer of 3D architectural home design software for builders, interior designers, architects, and DIY home enthusiasts .  L. Kerry Hansen, Decoration and Design; Center: Adrean Stephenson, Drafting and Structure; R. Bailey Miller, Video and Production

Multiple Designs and Exteriors

A variety of exterior and interior design elements can make a similar floor plan...a completely different home. 

Farm House Style

Front and back porches span the width of this modern country farmhouse. The living and dining room provide an open space with cathedral ceilings (and loft).
Above: Our Option 3 & 4 floorplan features various sized dormers and a fully functional 1/2 story above the ground floor... adding 600+sq.ft of  sq.footage !   Click on link for full information and design sheets. 

Craftsman Style 

Most homes in the Craftsman style have porches with thick square or round columns and stone porch supports. The homes typically have a low porch, larger eaves and decorative brackets.  Casings & beams on the porch and inside the house are often exposed and are stained or painted contrasting colors.
 Below: Open porch gable option with classic "Starburst" beams/brackets and planking/ship-lapped soffit detail. 

Bungalow Cottages

Cottages offer one story or a story and a half, with low-pitched roofs and wide, overhanging eaves. There is a large porch and often a stone chimney with a fireplace. The efficient floor plans include a central living room and little or no wasted hallway space. With most living areas on one floor, bungalow house plans offer easy living for the elderly or for those doing household chores.  The bungalow style was noteworthy in American architectural history, because it made good design affordable for regular folks.

Cali-Coastal Designs 

Modern Cabin

Salt Box Style